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South Florida Cheating Spouse Investigations

Chances are that if you suspect your wife or husband is cheating on you, he/she probably is. But before you call your lawyer or if you think you're just being paranoid, check out the top signs of a cheating spouse. The South Florida private investigators at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC, have many years of experience with surveillance of spouses. Our private investigators can also complete an asset search to ensure that you are aware of all assets that your spouse actually has. Please feel free to contact Cory T. Knight today with any questions or concerns.

Possible Warning Signs:
1. Working a lot of overtime? - Which might enable them to meet their lover after work.
2. Excessive use of the Internet? - A way for women/men to meet a lover in chat rooms.
3. Unaccountable Hours? - The best time frame to conduct surveillance.
4. Hiding the cell/house phone bill? - The #1 way to find out who the lover is.
5. Saying "It's your imagination"? - This is what is told to you when you're to close to the truth.
6. Receiving hang up phone calls? - Possibility of lover calling to speak with your spouse.
7. No longer interested in sex? - Saving their emotions for their lover.
8. No longer wearing a wedding ring? - A sign telling everyone "I am single".
9. New sexual techniques? - What your spouse learned from their lover.
10. Saying "I need my space"- When your spouse moves to the next stage. 

Infidelity is likely to be one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you. The embarrassment, fear and betrayal can be overwhelming. Worse yet is not knowing if your spouse or partner is cheating on you. Even the prospect of a husband or wife being unfaithful is painful and extremely disruptive to your life.

The South Florida private investigators at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC understand what you are going through and are committed to helping clients like you with these issues. It is our goal to provide you with the proof you need, and a sense of closure to your infidelity issues. We know that you need a South Florida private investigator to get you proof of infidelity or adultery so that you can move forward with your life, and we are here for you.

Frequently, prospective clients are worried about confidentially. You have our complete assurance that your case will be completely confidential, including our FREE consultation with one of our South Florida cheating spouse investigators that specialize in infidelity, spousal investigation, and surveillance.  We are even willing to discuss your case without knowing who you are until you are comfortable that we can help and be trusted.  As always, our initial telephone consultation is absolutely free.

Whether you are the husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend, you deserve to know if your partner is cheating or not telling you the truth. Our South Florida cheating spouse investigators can help you get the proof and peace of mind you need to move forward with your life.  Our cheating spouse investigators have helped clients in South Florida, New Jersey, and New York; however we specialize in infidelity investigations in South Florida. Feel free to contact Cory T. Knight to discuss how one of our South Florida cheating spouse private investigators can discreetly, accurately and affordably undertake your case.

At CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC, our experience has taught us that the better job we do of planning a cheating spouse investigation, the more likely we are to get you the evidence you need and the less expensive it will be.  However there are no guarantees with any surveillance investigation. We do not create or manufacture facts to meet our needs, there are times that nothing occurs on surveillance, however we will inform you of how best to spend your private investigation budget. We have heard from many of our clients that other agencies will ask for a large retainer, go out and watch your spouse, and get very little accomplished.  Our South Florida cheating spouse investigators know that a lack of adequate planning can be a big waste of time (and your money), and we will always make certain that you understand and agree to what we will be doing before we begin.  This process will involve you being very candid with your Florida cheating spouse private investigator and giving us as much useful information as possible. Without the information, we both lose. Our South Florida cheating spouse investigator will waste their time, and you will waste your hard earned money, this is not what we want. Feel free to contact Cory T. Knight or one of our other Florida private investigators for your FREE cheating spouse consultation. We understand that the need to hire a South Florida private investigator and discuss your spouses’ infidelity is a very difficult thing to do, but it is important for you to realize that you did not create this situation and no one at our private investigation agency is judging you. With that perspective in mind, you have our assurance that all of our South Florida cheating spouse investigators are committed to using the utmost discretion and good taste in providing you with a quality investigation that is designed to give you the peace of mind you will need to move forward with your life and to maintain your dignity. You don’t have to be in pain any longer. Call one of our South Florida private detectives today and we will guide you through the process and help you to gain a complete understanding of how we will go about getting you proof of his or her infidelity.  Our initial consultations are FREE and strictly confidential.

Statistics say that 85% of women who feel their lover is cheating are correct and 50% of men who feel their lover is cheating are right. If you have suspicions, consider some of the following and be as impartial as possible.

Have you noticed any of the following?
·  Sudden increase in time away from home
·  Decreased sexual interest with you
·  Cheating spouse is often distracted and day dreaming
·  Cheating husband or wife is often “unavailable” while at work
·  Cheating spouse attends new functions outside of work and wants to go alone
·  Cell phone calls from you are not returned in timely fashion
·  Cheating spouse leaves house or goes to other rooms to talk on the telephone
·  Cheating spouse uses computer alone and secretly
·  Cheating spouse asks about your schedule more often than usual
·  Mileage on car is high yet he / she reports only short distance errands
·  Clothes smell of perfume or cologne
·  Cheating spouse gets his / her laundry done independently
·  Unexplained payments on bank statements
·  Cheating spouse has more cash on hand without accountability
·  Cell phone bills contain calls with long duration
·  Cheating spouse now has a phone card but never used one before
·  Cheating wife or husband has unexplained receipts in wallet or purse
·  Cheating spouse has suspicious phone voice-mail messages
·  Cheating spouse has suspicious cell phone numbers stored or dialed
·  Web browser history list (this is a record of web sites visited) contains unusual sites
·  Cheating spouse begins to use new or free e-mail account
·  Cheating spouse is suddenly deleting e-mail messages


We have found that to further build your evidenciary file, you may also want to consider reviewing your spouse’s or significant other’s credit card bills, cell phone records, cell phone call log, e-mail accounts, sent items, and recently deleted items to further obtain information. We feel that investigating cheating spouses and marital infidelity cases are one of the most important services a Florida private investigator can render. We take that responsibility seriously, and we thank you for entrusting your privacy with our South Florida cheating spouse agency.

Issues of infidelity need to be handled by a South Florida private investigator that is not only experienced at surveillance and information gathering, they must also be well versed in family law to succeed. Our South Florida spousal surveillance investigators are comprised of some of the best detectives at handling domestic matters and getting results that matter. Another advantage our private investigation agency offers is the fact that we have a large, ethnic and gender diverse team of South Florida cheating spouse investigators at our disposal, ensuring that we have the right type of infidelity investigators for your case. This, combined with our state-of-the-art technology, extensive investigative resources make us the premier cheating spouse private investigators in South Florida. We offer direct one on one care and management of your case. Feel free to contact Cory T. Knight today for your free cheating spouse consultation.

Regardless of whether you need to know the truth about a spouse’s affair, simply to go forward with your life, or if you need proof of cheating and infidelity to win in court, CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC is the South Florida cheating spouse private investigative agency for you. We leave nothing to chance.
If you think that our cheating spousal surveillance can help you, we recommend that you read our quick Overview of Spousal Surveillance.


How our Florida cheating spouse investigations work:

At CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC, we charge our clients an hourly rate for surveillance, with mileage and any other investigative procedures being added. We design each surveillance job to give you the best possible results given what we collectively know about your spouse’s activities. We do this in a sincere effort to give you the best opportunity to know the truth and to minimize your cost. The cost will be discussed with you before we begin and prices vary depending on where the surveillance or investigation will take place, how many investigators you will need and if any special equipment is required. It is very common for an infidelity surveillance to require more than one investigator to be completed successfully. Once we agree to start work, you will need to complete out our contract, make arrangements to send us the retainer and make certain that you have a full understanding of what we will be doing for you. We wish there were guarantees; however there are circumstances where the surveillance is not fruitful, or where the subject gets lost in traffic. These are real possibilities and that is why we suggest a multi – investigator team. Although spousal surveillance by a private investigator is one of the most frequently used tools for uncovering infidelity, each set of circumstances can call for different measures.

Some of the other more commonly requested services we provide when investigating infidelity that can be done in conjunction with an cheating spouse surveillance or other spousal infidelity investigation include the following:

Monitoring the cheater’s E-Mail, Chat Room Discussions and Internet Activity
Tracking the cheater’s vehicle
Asset Searches in Florida and any other state
Electronic eavesdropping detection
E-Mail tracing
Identification of the “Other Person”

Covert residential security camera installations
Child Custody & Support Investigations

Because each case is unique, we ask that you give us a call at (954) 652-0733, and speak to one of our Florida detectives about your particular situation so that we may assess which type of investigation will work best for you. CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC understands this is a rough time in your life and we are here to assist you with your investigative needs.


Adultery / Infidelity Investigations

The first step in the evaluation and discovery of a potential affair with infidelity, unfaithful spouses, adultery, and cheating mates is the obtaining of an objective, professional opinion as to the merits of the case. CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC provides FREE consultations from professional and experienced South Florida infidelity private investigators.

Is your spouse unfaithful, having an affair, acting suspicious, or deceitful? Do you know what is happening for certain? Surveillance, bodily fluids testing, and communications investigations for phone activity, internet use, email, instant messenger, and more are some effective ways to determine inconsistencies or consistencies in a subject’s behavior to discover the affair. Documentation is the most important part of your case. Having a thorough report, an explanation of video, and still photography evidence can help you with your presentation of the facts. If you decide to work with a qualified Florida family attorney, it is important that we can work together for your case to protect you and your interests.

Even if you are an Executive, Professional Athlete, Professional, Entrepreneur, Public Celebrity, Government Official, or a spouse of one, with Cory T. Knight and our Florida private investigators at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC you can be 100% assured and guaranteed confidentiality! Our investigation agency and our team understand the need for a thorough and discrete spousal or significant other investigation.


Have you noticed changes in the subject’s behavior- signs of infidelity?

Hiding phone bill

Hiding credit card bills

Excessive or discreet use of the computer

Sudden overtime hours at work

Excessive arguing

Lack of sexual interest or abnormal renewed sexual interest - new sexual techniques

Abnormal call activity at the home or cell phones - Frequent hang ups and long tones

Removal of pictures or photos from wallet

Lost wedding ring

At our South Florida infidelity and cheating spouse private investigation agency, all evidence is collected and provided in a strict, factual and professional manner. Extramarital affairs often lead to divorce; we do not interfere, we are simply here to provide you with all of the facts we obtain in the course of our cheating spouse investigation. Our South Florida private investigators believe infidelity is a very serious matter and should be treated accordingly. Accordingly, our private detectives understand that infidelity is hurtful, causes fear and pain. Call us if we can be of any assistance with this emotionally trying time.

If your spouse or significant other is cheating, you deserve to know the truth. With the help of one of our South Florida infidelity private investigators at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC we can begin to start your healing process. If you have confronted your significant other and you have internally decided that your marriage is irrevocably broken, you are going to need the confidential services that the South Florida private investigators at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC offer. As difficult as it may be to come to terms with, you are going to need to get the facts and protect your interests. We understand that coping with infidelity is not easy, but living with it is worse.  Call Cory T. Knight today to discuss your spousal or significant other infidelity investigations.

As always, please feel free to contact Cory T. Knight at (954) 652-0733, or any of our Florida private investigators for a FREE consultation. If you prefer, you can click here to e-mail us. Our South Florida cheating spouse private investigation agency is here to assist you, contact us today for your FREE consultation.


Items to which you can expect to have access for Unfaithful and Cheating Spouse or Adultery Investigations:


Polygraph Examination Lie Detection (may sub out)

Bodily Fluid Testing

Surface Drug Testing

Photos of Unknown Subjects and Tag Searches

Communications Activity

Computer Usage

Internet Usage

Email Tracing

Identity Verification

Covert and Undercover Assignments


Online Infidelity:

Our South Florida cheating spouse investigators have found that in many of our cases e-mail, instant messenger activity, activity the workplace, and other communication mediums are aggravators in the infidelity process. We have South Florida private investigators and computer forensics experts that have extensive computer engineering experience that can explain how you can discover and document these activities. Our South Florida infidelity investigators can offer you computer monitoring software so that you can monitory the activity without the knowledge of your spouse. This way you are not paying our experts an hourly rate. If you do not have the technical ability, and many people do not, our South Florida computer forensics experts and computer consultants are here to assist you with your online infidelity investigation.


Cheating Decoy Investigations:

At our South Florida cheating spouse agency we understand that the trust and fabric of a relationship is destroyed by infidelity. Many investigations begin with our clients requesting one of our pretty female investigators approach their spouse to obtain surveillance evidence and solid proof of infidelity. Furthermore, if we “deceive the deceiver” by using cheating decoys this may decrease the surveillance time necessary.  At CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC  we will only use decoys if you request it, otherwise we absolutely will not use this form of investigation.

We  choose not to use cheating decoys unless you request one. Our South Florida cheating spouse investigators are experts in the industry, and as a foundation we do not use cheating decoys for several important reasons. First, we at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC have the experience to carry out our investigations in a professional, legitimate manner. We have found that using cheating decoys might create a new problem or add to an existing relationship problem in a way that degrades an already difficult situation.

In addition, we at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC think that it is best to investigate the person your partner is really seeing. If your partner is seeing someone, it is important for you to know who that person is so that you can take measures to protect yourself and your family. A cheating decoy may not be able to get that vital piece of information. However, if it is your wish we can arrange these investigations for you.

What if your partner is cheating on you with someone who you know?

While finding out that your partner is cheating with someone you know may be embarrassing, it will be even more embarrassing if you find out six months from now.

Our South Florida cheating spouse investigators will track your partner using the most advanced technology and surveillance techniques through regular daily routines to find out what your partner is doing and who your partner is meeting. This will provide you quality and timely information about your partner’s activities.

Please be advised that we do not recommend decoys, as we do not wish to influence your spouse’s decisions as this can be interpreted as entrapment depending upon your jurisdiction. Our cheating spouse investigators will not trespass or violate privacy laws in the course of our investigations. More importantly to you, CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC wants any information that we may gather to be admissible in a court of law, and staging events does not present well. If your spouse is cheating, we can find out by allowing them to proceed when and where they are comfortable. If this means they enter a bar, nightclub, or hotel, we can obtain the information in an ethical manner for you.


Here at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC, we're experts at catching men and women who are unfaithful to their spouses. That is why, rather than use cheating decoys, we constantly hone and refine the legitimate techniques we use in our South Florida cheating spouse investigations. It is our commitment to give you the best, most effective service in the industry without ever compromising our or your honor or honesty.

We do not use decoys in infidelity investigations for the reasons enumerated above. However, decoys are occasionally a part of our undercover or covert investigations if there is legitimate reason to use them. If you believe you have need of a decoy, please contact us and discuss this possibility on a case-by-case basis.

As always, please feel free to contact Cory T. Knight at (954) 652-0733, or any of our Florida private investigators for a FREE consultation. If you prefer, you can click here to e-mail us.  Our private investigation agency is here to assist you, contact us today.



Unfaithful or Cheating Mate:

Is your mate acting suspiciously, keeping inexplicable hours, getting strange phone calls that are never talked about? Do you feel the trust in your relationship fading day by day? Do you suspect your mate may be cheating on you? Here at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC, we are ready to help you anytime, anywhere. Find the truth... and find the peace of mind that comes when you are sure that you know what's really going on.

Our South Florida cheating spouse investigators collect all possible information and evidence in a disciplined, orderly manner than leaves no stone unturned. Nothing is left to chance in our investigations. We employ forensics experts, surveillance experts, and communications monitoring experts to find the truth. You receive nothing less than the best, most effective, most concerned service with the South Florida cheating spouse private investigators at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC.


As always, please feel free to contact Cory T. Knight at (954) 652-0733, or any of our Florida private investigators for a FREE consultation. If you prefer, you can click here to e-mail us. Our private investigation agency is here to assist you, contact us today.


Cohabitation Investigation:

The South Florida cohabitation investigators can provide you with proof of cohabitation when needed. Our method of approach can identify periods of time that people are living together, the complexity of the relationship, and other unknown facts which all combined are court admissible to assist the court in making its equitable distribution awards. Do they share assets such as cars, or property? Our South Florida private investigators can and will find you the truth.

For example:

In a "no-fault" state it does not matter the reasons for a divorce, property and assets are split equally between the parties. However child custody, child support, and alimony may very well depend on the activities of the parent. A man who has proof that his ex is cohabitating with another man can often pay less alimony if not rid himself of it entirely. 

The proof of cohabitation usually needed in family court to assist in child custody matters and just compensation claims for child support, spousal maintenance and alimony matters. Child custody may also be an issue during family court claims, all the facts that we present are done so in a well fashioned, clear, and easy to read manner which is admissible to the court.

Please feel free to contact Cory T. Knight or one of our South Florida private investigators at (954) 652-0733 to discuss your investigative needs. If you prefer, you can contact CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC via e-mail by clicking here.