civil investigations


CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC provides civil investigations that allow the legal community to build evidence for their cases. Through Asset Searches, Surveillance, Background Checks, Skip Traces, and Personal Injury Investigations. Our expert team of Florida private investigators will conduct video surveillance and undercover work needed to perform professional civil investigations. The south Florida private investigators at our agency have over twenty years in dealing with personal injury and workers' compensation investigators. We have a concrete understanding of Florida law and all aspects of civil investigations. 

The south Florida private investigators at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC have worked in conjunction with many of the top south Florida attorneys and have assited in trial preparation and accident investigation and recreations.  Our south Florida private investigators have prepared many trial exhibits that have been used succesfully in multi-million dollar trials.  Please feel free to contact Cory T. Knight or any of our south Florida private investigators to discuss their experience in car crash investigations, workers' compensation accident investigation, fraud investigations, medical malpractice investigations, employee theft investigations, and many other types of investigations.

Feel free to call our south Florida private investigators at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC at (954) 652-0733 or click here to contact Cory T. Knight with any questions. Our investigators are always willing to discuss your investigative needs any time of day or night.




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