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South Florida Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigations:

The Florida private investigators at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC have proven to be successful with fraud investigations. Our south Florida private investigators can provide information on the following: workers’ compensation fraud, employers who believe that their employees are faking a work related injury, personal injury adjusters or workers’ compensation adjusters that want information about the validity of behavior patterns or surveillance of physical activity. Our Florida private investigators can also enable you to monitor the theft of product(s) with the implementation of security cameras as well as computer forensics and monitoring software. Our south Florida detectives and security specialists can and will assist you with the monitoring of your office, where house, parking lot, or any of your residential or commercial property security needs.

When it comes to fraud investigations, our Florida private investigators can provide you with covert surveillance, or the ability to monitor your office and record your findings on a digital video recorder from anywhere in the world. You do not need to be onsite to keep an eye on your office.  

Our agency employs private investigators, administrators, therapists, body guards, security camera specialists, psychologists and other experts in their respected fields to ensure that your private investigations exceed your expectations.  Feel free to contact Cory T. Knight with any questions. You can contact our agency via telephone at 954-652-0733 or click here to contact us via e-mail.

Our private investigators are always willing and eager to answer your questions, ask us about some of the following fraud investigations:

·  South Florida workers’ compensation fraud

·  Theft of product, materials or assets

·  Employer investigation of fraudulent claims against you

·  Security camera installation and remote monitoring

If you suspect fraud or theft from employees or partners, we are your source to the truth. Contact us now to get the answers you need. Do you have an employee collecting Florida's Workers' Compensation benefits and you know, or believe that they are committing fraud? The Florida private investigators and our surveillance experts will begin a fraud investigation at your request after we explain our services and agree to terms.  We will be more than willing to discuss your goals for getting to the truth. Our Florida private investigators and workers’ compensation fraud investigators have over twenty years experience dealing with Florida's Workers' Compensation claims and cases and we understand plaintiff and defense investigations. If you are a case manager or adjuster on either side, please contact one of our Florida investigators today to see how our independent investigations have been successful for many insurance companies and employers alike. Please feel free to contact Cory T. Knight or any of our Florida private investigators to review your investigation goals.

South Florida Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigation:

We prove legitimacy of Florida workers’ compensation claims! We will conduct an independent investigation of the claimant. As professionals, we know that many injuries are valid and many claimants are symptom magnifiers if not bold liars. Our South Florida private investigators will provide an independent investigation and we let the facts speak for themselves. At CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC we foster an environment where we look to establish hard facts. Our fraud private investigators approach is consistent, covert and objective, saving you the hassle of inadmissible reports and evidence. Our private detectives have a comprehensive understanding of all South Florida personal injury and South Florida workers’ compensation claims. We can assist you with your investigation; call us today at (954) 652-0733 to discuss how we can help.

Florida workers’ compensation claimants sometimes exaggerate their claims to collect higher indemnity benefits. This can affect the bottom line of even the largest organization and all of our insurance rates. Our private detectives have a complete understanding of both plaintiff and defense investigations.  The South Florida private investigators at our agency understand the Florida workers’ compensation statute (FS 440), and can save you time and possibly thousands of dollars with your claim. Our South Florida private investigation agency deals with both plaintiff Florida workers’ compensation attorneys, as well as Florida workers’ compensation defense attorneys.   The facts are the facts; therefore our unbiased investigations enable us to handle a variety of cases.

In many circumstances South Florida workers’ compensation claims are simply incorrect. Claimants report injuries that may not be valid and collect indemnity and medical benefits. Our South Florida private detectives can and do investigate cases for the employer or the insuring agency. Our South Florida workers’ compensation surveillance can provide actual real life examples of how the claimant is adhering or progressing through the healing or disability process. Many of our clients use our services not only when they are suspicious, but whenever they have a claim filed against them.  Call Cory T. Knight at (954) 652-0733 or any of our fraud investigators today to see how we can help with your fraud investigation. When you call or e-mail us, ask us about our "HARD TO INVESTIGATE" Workers' Compensation Claims Investigations and our South Florida surveillance or Subrosa (under the rose or confidential) investigations.

Professional video surveillance and accident reconstruction are the best ways to make a fair and impartial investigation of a Florida worker’s compensation claim. Our independent investigations can assist you with some of the following benefits:

Prove or Impeach Claims
Assessment or Re-assessment of South Florida workers’ compensation claims
Detailed activities reports from South Florida workers’ compensation fraud Investigators
Expert witness testimony and affidavits
Video Tape and Still Photograph
Comprehensive report explanation about the details we observed
AOE/COE (Arising out of employment / In the Course of employment)
We will review your objectives prior to the genesis of any investigation
Monitoring your office and property from anywhere with an internet connection
Security camera installation and digital video recordings to be used as evidence
Computer monitoring software to be used as evidence in fraud or embezzlement cases

As always, please feel free to contact Cory T. Knight at (954) 652-0733, or any of our Florida private investigators for a FREE consultation. If you prefer, you can click here to e-mail us. Our private investigation agency is here to assist you, contact us today.