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Now For over 20 years, Cory T. Knight ((954)410-5956) has been investigating a variety of injury and accident cases, as well as a broad array of corporate investigations. CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC has been serving South Florida and the entire state for many years.  Our family-run private investigation agency has the proven ability to assist you with any of your investigative needs. We have a variety of experts we work with on a daily basis from personal injury attorneys, psychologists, security experts, computer forensics experts, as well as our highly trained support staff.  Our clients interact directly with our South Florida private detectives and receive personal attention from our compassionate and experienced staff.

Our private detective agency has earned a solid and formidable reputation by successfully handling thousands of investigations encompassing some of the following areas: personal injury, workers’ compensation cases, computer forensics, corporate espionage, cheating spouse investigations, security camera installations, attorney services, and many other areas of private investigations.  

With a dynamic background treating patients for over fifteen years as a therapist, Cory T. Knight understands the dynamics of all personal injury and workers’ comprehensive cases.  He has a comprehensive understanding of the medico-legal arena, and this has enabled him to add another dimension to our investigations and surveillance. Working and evaluating chronic pain patients as a therapist in work hardening programs as well as in a regular office setting, Cory understands pain behaviors and what to look for to eliminate secondary gain pain. This depth of experience makes us masters of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, both plaintiff and defense alike.  We have the investigative expertise to handle all personal injury and workers’ compensation cases from inception through settlement and, if necessary, we work with some of the top rated attorneys in Florida if the case warrants a trial. Our goal at CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC is to provide the highest quality investigative services for:

Our private investigators understand the consequences of a serious accident caused by someone else’s negligence can have a life-long impact. Moreover, we understand the stress and frustration that accompanies a cheating spouse investigation and we are here to assist you in this very trying time. With every personal injury case, we work to clearly establish the negligence of others and prove that your injuries resulted from that negligence, and present that information to your personal injury, workers’ compensation, or criminal attorney to further progress your case.  

If you need information about a cheating spouse investigation, security camera installation, personal injury cases, or workers’ compensation accidents or investigations, contact CTK INVESTIGATIONS, LLC Find out how our Florida private investigation agency can help you and your family.

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